Unique in Every Way

The possibilities are endless. Triangles, circles, arches, round top, camber top and trapezoids; Unilux windows offers them all.


Divided lites are an important architectural element.  They affect the style of a home and can give your project a personal touch.  Unilux offers options for any style and function.

True Divided Lite TDL
The original and timeless; available in 3 different grid bar widths.  True divided lites separate the glass fields into individual glass packs.

Simulated Divided Lite SDL
Simulated divided lite offers the look of true divided lite, but utilizes a single glass pack.  The advantage of SDL is better thermal performance.  Additionally, Unilux SDLs are offered in 3 muntin widths and 2 distinct profiles.

Grids Between Glass GBG
Grids between the glass make cleaning easy because the grids are located between the panes of glass.  An added feature, Unilux will color the outside of the grid bars the same color as the aluminum covering, and the inside in the same finish as the rest of the wood.  We provide for pine, oak, alder and larch