Jumbo Line

More daylight! The trend in architecture today is towards large openings.  Tall elements are in more demand than ever.

Unilux Jumbo Line doors are capable of hitting heights upwards of 10’ 6”, or 3.00 meters. We can do this because our robust hardware is capable of bearing 175 pounds per panel.

Luckily for you, sizes like this do not come at the expense of options. Jumbo Line doors are available in both aluminum clad and wood exteriors, in any of our 3 cladding profiles.

Additional highlights include:

  • Exceptionally thin lines
  • Concealed limiter prevents over-rotation of door panel
  • Ability to insert into Fine Line façade system

Seamless integration

Jumbo Line doors are available in any of our 3 aluminum clad profiles or true wood exterior, and in each of our 2132 aluminum exterior colors or 187 wood stains.

Wood-aluminum window line ModernLine

Wood-aluminum window line DesignLine