UNILUX aluminum clad wood windows – Sophistication in every detail

A wise man once said, not everything that looks good is good and not everything that is good, looks good. With Unilux, you can have both.

Some of the highlights of our window design includes:

  • 1. Durable, extruded aluminum cladding offered in a virtually unlimited number of colors. Enamel paint, proven in the auto industry, eliminates need for future maintenance.
  • 2. Barely visible, EPDM synthetic rubber weather stripping. The advantage to this type of system is longevity; no caulking to discolor or glazing tape to wither up in the sun. The EPDM gasket possesses good thermal resistance and an extremely low brittleness temperature. It can also be replaced at a later time, if necessary.
  • 3. Thermally enhanced “warm edge” spacer bars increase energy performance and resistance to condensation.
  • 4. High performance triple glazed glass packs offered in a variety of configurations including laminated and tempered. Cutting edge low e coatings. Also available with twin-disc glazing Ug = 1,1 W / m² K (Standard)
  • 5. Premium wood working. Strong joints and laminations. Exemplary pre-finished interiors in a vast selection of transparent and semi-transparent colors specifically designed for each wood species.
  • 6. Well-conceived attachment detail ensures aluminum never touches wood. Benefits include decreased thermal bridging between wood and aluminum, and ability for materials to expand and contract at natural rates.
  • 7. Robust, yet imperceptible multi-functioning hardware system.