DesignLine Privacy

The UNILUX window with integrated blinds

“My home is my castle.” Just block the world out. Be undisturbed, footloose and fancy free. This is easy with the aluminium clad wood DesignLine Privacy window. Thanks to integrated blinds, you can create privacy at any time – even by remote control if you wish. Also save on energy compared to a roller-shutter or venetian blind box.

1. Privacy

Discretion could not be more easily achieved. Nothing has to be built, mounted or improvised. The blinds move easily, via remote control if required.

2. Peace and quiet

Three or even four glass panes mounted some distance from one another enable unrivalled sound-proofing. Test it for yourself and pull the blind up: You’ll see the cars but won’t hear them.

3. Warmth

Roller-shutter or venetian-blind boxes are often energy guzzlers. Heat escapes and cold creeps in. DesignLine Privacy gets rid of this airlock. Since the blind is now part of the window, the boxes are no longer required.

4. Security

When it comes to glazing, UNILUX uses materials such as tempered or laminated safety glass, which is particularly resistant to impacts, effectively protecting against uninvited guests.

5. Freedom of design

The integrated blind – with your choice of color – offers you a wide range of possibilities. As you don’t require shutters, curtains or separately mounted blinds, your freedom of design is greater than ever before.

Infinite variety

Combine as you wish. Almost infinite combinations possible.
However, DesignLine Privacy cannot be built in all standard unit configurations, your trade partner can advise you.

The colors / materials