European Styling

Unilux products are based on the European tilt-turn design platform. The tilt-turn has been the market leader in Germany since the 1960′s and offers many benefits.

  • Easy to reach from the inside, easy to clean
  • Gasket-style weather stripping system
  • Triple seal / overlay design
  • Extremely secure and energy efficient due to fully concealed multi-point locking hardware
  • Fixed glazing
  • Tilt in window (also known as hopper)
  • Inward opening tilt and turn
  • Inward opening tilt and turn door with ADA threshold
  • Outward opening swing door
  • Parallel tilt and slide door system
  • Lift and slide door system
    Hebe-Schiebe-Anlage von außen   Hebe-Schiebe-Anlage von innen
  • Pivot window (only offered in wood exterior)
  • Combinations of fixed glazing with tilt and turn element (eg kitchen window or balcony door with bottom light with skylight)