Wood windows from UNILUX – Sophistication in every detail

A wise man once said, not everything that looks good is good and not everything that is good, looks good. With Unilux, you can have both.

Some of the highlights of our sophisticated design include:

  • 1. Exceptional millwork. Immaculate laser-tested wood surface (through hydro-planing process), 4-level water-borne surface coating.
  • 2. Thermally enhanced “warm edge” spacer bars increase energy performance and resistance to condensation.
  • 3. High performance triple glazed glass packs offered in a variety of configurations including laminated and tempered. Also available with twin-disc glazing Ug = 1,1 W / m² K (Standard).
  • 4. Triple bonded wood. Anti-warping technology via laminated timber construction
  • 5. Robust, yet imperceptible multi-functioning hardware system.