Fineline curtain wall system

The name says it all. Fine Line boasts a slim post and beam construction.

Thin lines, big glass

Modern day architects want more glass and less window frame. Thankfully, our Fine Line façade system was created to make their dreams a reality.

Available in any of our 5 wood species on the interior, Fine Line window walls are fully customizable and have incredible capabilities. The technology behind Fine Line is impressive; our unique fastening system is completely hidden. Tell us your requirements and UNILUX in house engineers will design a system to handle just about any structural load.

Exterior aluminum beauty caps protect the system from the elements and are offered in a wide variety of profiles, something for any architectural style. Additionally, interior posts and crossbars are available in various sizes and shapes, suited to any homeowner’s whims.

Leave it to UNILUX to design a system that offers slim lines but is also capable of utilizing the latest glazing technologies. With the Clima Protect insulating profile, Unilux Fine Line is capable of hitting Passive House performance standards; either double glazing, or tri pane glazing up to 48mm is suitable to our very adaptable system.

Lastly, UNILUX Fine Line façade accepts window and door inserts. Want venting options or a double door in the middle of your façade? Very simple with our specialized inserts.

Fine Line says yes where all other window system say no.


FineLine – Wood aluminium facade system by UNILUX
Space for living