Exterior sliding folding system

Here, nothing stands between you and the fresh air

Our slide and fold door systems take the quality you come to expect from UNILUX and combine it with sophisticated operation. Slide and fold doors are offered in any of our 5 wood species and are clad with aluminum on the exterior, for maximum protection. And because we always think about energy efficiency, tri pane glazing is offered with all systems.

Typical slide and fold door systems are top hung, meaning the weight of door panels is supported by the header. This type of system often calls for an extremely large, robust header that does not allow the system to extend all the way to your ceiling. Not Unilux, our system rests upon the floor via two different thresholds.

Available up to 25’ wide and 9’ tall, slide and fold doors really bring the outside in, and by stacking to the exterior, you have zero disturbance to end table, lamps, blinds or other furniture.

When you don’t have room for a pocketing door system, slide and folds are a great way to open up those Maxxiglass panoramas.


UNILUX aluminum clad wood windows
The security of a great brand!