Naturally safe

Everyone puts a different emphasis on safety, therefore we offer several options to help repel thieves.


Robust standard

Base model Unilux doors feature an integrated locking system comprising of 3-point locking bolts and two pivoting hooks. This poses a severe problem for perpetrators, as it requires significant time and energy to separate the door panel from the frame. It is a robust standard, virtually impervious to unwanted break-ins.

Auch verfügen sämtliche Modelle über zwei bandseitige Aushebel-Sicherungen, die das gewaltsame Eindringen durch Hebeln massiv erschweren.

Last but not least bieten Türstärken von bis zu 79 Millimetern einen robusten natürlichen Schutz.

For Extra Security

For those seeking the ultimate in security, UNILUX offers additional features to intensify the highest safety standard yet.

Automatic locking

Forgot to lock the door behind you? Do not worry. With this option, the door locks automatically, just by latching closed.

Trap door

More effective than a door chain, a trap door is used as an additional locking from the inside and as a door guard at the door easier to open. In this way it is made unwanted visits impossible to get your foot in the door.

4 & 5 point locking

Additional swivel hooks and latch guarantees burglars must spend more time to penetrate your home.

Safety glass

Thanks to laminated glass, even when glass is broken, it remains in place bonded together by a layer of polycarbonate between the separate panes. Once again, additional time will be required for burglars to gain access to your home.