Quality Assurance

At UNILUX, we believe in building from within.  Our apprenticeship program ensures every employee learns the UNILUX way over the course of many years of specialized training.

The quality of UNILUX is built into every product before it even goes into production. Using state of the art simulation equipment, we carry out infinite tests throughout the design process.  We then generate prototypes and put them through their paces.  Before our products are even released for mass production, they have been thoroughly stress tested, pushed to the point of failure, and improved upon.

Even our well-designed products will fail to meet stringent UNILUX standards if they are not assembled correctly, thus our factory has numerous quality control points located throughout the manufacturing process.  Specialists for a particular material or product group supervise their department to ensure high standards are achieved.

We take quality very seriously at UNILUX, because only then will customer satisfaction arise.